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Port Authority Cast, Crew, and Story


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The last page of issue#4. My engagement proposal.

Below is one of the posters I did for the comic.

   This comic is Sci-Fi in nature and focuses on a business called the Protectorate, a sort of hero-for-hire business that realized there's a lot of money to be made in being the first super-powered (for lack of a better term) individuals to exist in the real world. Prior to this, the Protectorate folk were government weapons (originally normal human beings who were genetically altered using alien technology) designed to help defend this world from the little known threat of alien attack/invasion (2 aliens in a craft, one of whom is Fade in the above poster, crashed on Earth in 1982[this comic takes place in 1998]) and were kept at the Rycliffe Scientific and Military Institute, run by Clayton Baines. One of the members of the so-called Meta-Human Project, Dr. Quaid Murdock, wasn't aware of his involvement in the project or even of the existence of the project, but when he learned the truth, he released his fellow guinea pigs and set up The Protectorate business with the financial backing of a Mr. Robinson Bancroft. I know I'm leaving out a lot from the 32 pg. story in #1, but I think that's all the important stuff. If you have any questions about it, feel free to drop an email. Bye