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   Hello and welcome to the new site for DFG Comics. My name is Vernon Smith and I self publish a comic book called Port Authority. It's black & white, color covers comic averaging around 24 pages per issue. In an effort to expand my audience, I've decided to do a web-comic version of the printed book, starting with the second issue. The first issue (titled Gilded Elements) introduced the characters of the book and provided a background on who they are and how they came together. The print version is available for 3 bucks through me via mail and is a 32 page comic. Like I said, I plan to do a web version of the comic, beginning with issue #2. The print versions will also be available to purchase through the mail for those of you who want the whole package (like front and back covers, and all the extras included in the issues such as "behind the scenes" stuff and back-up one page comics). But for those of you interested in just the story itself, I hope you enjoy this site. If you do, tell your friends and write to me with any feedback, questions, comments, and criticisms. Okay, enough of my ramblings, there's a comic here to be read.

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